bullet Service incl. new timing gear kit.
bullet Value estimation for the insurance.


bullet Welding on sills, A-posts and doors by Cock Ooms
bullet Respray (wrong colour and very badly done)
bullet New windscreen and new windowseals all around.
bullet Cleaning and extensive anti corrosion treatment by Jan van Egmond / Alphen a/d Rijn
bullet Some small items like seals for the doors and the boot.


bullet Overhaul of carbs, starterengine, generator and diff.
bullet Airfilter replaced by K&N filters (WHAT A SOUND!!)
bullet Recon gearbox installed with a new clutch.
bullet Overhaul of brakes (EXPENSIVE!!!!)
bullet Cleaned and flushed fueltank and installed it with new fuelpipes.
bullet Backseat repaired.
bullet Installed new waterpump.


bullet Recon masterbrake cylinder and new flexible hoses front/ rear.
bullet Recon masterclutch cylinder, new slaveclutch cylinder
bullet Another value estimation for the insurance.
bullet Rims are powdercoated and installed with 5 new Michelins XZX
bullet Finally a decent rubber carpet in the boot.
bullet Bought an ugly carpetset from Cock.
bullet Check and renewal of anti corrosion treatment at Jan van Egmond


bullet bought an overdrive, was searching for one for a very long time!!
bullet bought an engine gasket set through Ebay ... always good to have.
bullet bought missing excentric ring for overdrive (expensive!!)
bullet service & MOT at Ab van Egmond


bullet drive shaft revision kit bought at Ebay
bullet service & MOT at Ab van Egmond


bullet bootlid lock changed
bullet installed new battery
bullet service & MOT at Ab van Egmond incl. new exhaust manifold gasket


bullet from May 2007 to July 2008 restauration by Thomas who installed quite some new parts:
bullet new window washers and ignition coil
bullet new exhaust manifold gasket and thermostat cover
bullet new door seals and petrol pump
bullet new clutch, ingition wiring, heater hose, engine bay seal
bullet MOT and service at Ab van Egmond


bullet renewal of anti corrosion treatment at van Aalst (ex Jan van Egmond in Alphen)
bullet hand brake pads, air horn and new voltage regulator through Ebay
bullet new wind shield via Thomas
bullet parts for front and rear wheel suspension at Fred van Andel
bullet bought a steering arm incl. ball joints (unfortunately fits only Series 2)


bullet Electronic ignition (unfortunately does not fit)
bullet service & MOT at Ab van Egmond
bullet replaced RF balljoint
bullet shock absorbers replaced by black Koni's
bullet Silencer replaced


bullet New battery
bullet New tire Michelin 165/15 XZX
bullet New middle and front section section exhaust
bullet Managed to buy a NEW (!) frontbumper!


bullet service & MOT incl. brake pads rear


bullet service and replacement of steering rack


bullet new seals installed on front brakes
bullet MOT


bullet exchanged faulty ignition lock
bullet exchanged contact breaker points, sparkplugs & iginition


bullet exchanged petrolfilter
bullet MOT & front wheel alignment


bullet exchanged upholstery in the boot
bullet exchanged wipers, cooling fluid and water hose
bullet adjusted valves and another front wheel alignment done