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After a few years enjoying my Triumph Herald Convertible it was time for something faster and more comfortable so I searched for Rovers, Jaguars, and alike. Surfing the internet one day I stumbled across this beauty: a Fiat 2300S Coupé. What a stunning car! Very clean and sleek design and very practical with a roomy interior and a large trunk. With its 2,3 straight six engine it's considerably faster than the Herald too.

These Fiats appeared to be rather exclusive. With its Ghia design body and heavily tuned engine by Abarth it really is a piece of art which is an absolute delight to drive. Unfortunately these cars had to compete against Porsche 911, Jaguar E-type and Mercedes 230SL but hardly anybody would buy a Fiat for the price of a Porsche or Mercedes. Of the approx. 3500 cars built between 1962 and 1968 there are only a handful left. My Fiat is a very early example when you look at the low chassis number 848!!!!

Below a few impressions of the car as it was and what has been done. This covers mainly the body work done in 2001. Further below also some more recent pictures. Click on the pics to enlarge them and hit the back button to get back.


internet ad January 2000

mid 2000 at a meeting of the Triumph club

door needs 'minor' attention....

doesn't look too bad

quite solid too

hope is rising....

but then this came out ..

sills and A-post almost completely gone

Cock did a nice job

A-post and sill

this beam had to be replaced

so a new one was made

used and old, but it's starting to look better

new sill, handcrafted from sheet steel

Thanks to my mate Donald!!

What are friends for??

and kids??

Thanks Rick!!

starting to assemble the door

new door seals

interior is just cleaned

looks good enough

the engine room

standard Nardi wheel

burned rear brake - summer 2002

YES!! an alarm bell and originals horns!

similar to my carter

Finally the boot sorted out!

Bought this set recently, not really a beauty but very hard to find these days!

powdercoated rims & new tyres

This is the correct badge.

overdrive unit.....took some time to locate one.

identification plate overdrive unit

complete engine gasket set... you never know...

Managed to buy some fairly new black Koni's.

Installation was easy.

This happened at 70mph..... very scary.

Silencer rusted through........

.... so a new one was installed.

Managed to buy a brand new (!) frontpumper in Italy.

Installed it together with Desmond... nice job!

Looks brilliant doesn't it?



Below a very brief list of the major works that have been done during the past years. Stating all things that I've had a look at would take a few pages :


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