Project 07


Disassembly Restauration Endresult

The Fiat has been at the paintshop untill just before Christmas 2007. Starting in January 2008 the restauration continues step by step. Below a very rough and certainly not complete overview of the proces.

Body / glass:

Freshly painted Fiat on it's way back to Thomas' workshop.

The picture doesn't show the real shade of blue which is much brighter.

Engine bay is also painted.

Ghia logo and chrome strip installed..

NEW (!!) clips for the sill strips.

And finally the sill strip in place.

Due to a bad repair job the windshield did not fit properly.

Klaus installs the rear window seals.

The final result looks perfect.

A few parts already back from the chroming shop.



Interior / dashboard

Heater as it came out of the car.

Heater has been soldered, new gaskets and tidied up for the next years to come.

Dashboard has been painted prior to....

....... getting a new leather upholstery.

Ventilation valve below dash needs some attention.

Valve fixed and installed again.

Heater box in progress.

Heater box finished.

... and heater mounted again.

Glove box: after treatment by dr. Thomas.

Perfect in every detail.

To clean this Thomas had to spend a few hours.

Bootlid springs and covers were in a terrible state.

But Thomas can do anything!

Lower dash strip was wasted too.

So a complete new one was made by hand.

Seems to fit perfect.

This is the endresult of a few hours hard work.

Even the broken clock is repaired.

Floor tidied up and look at the burnt cable!

This once was a seat!

Seat frame welded and fixed again.

Seat getting in shape again.

Left seat done, right needs to be done.

Broken studs of vent window.

But Thomas can fix anything!

Clock needs adjusting.

Klaus sorting out the carpets.

Looks very decent doesn't it?

Rear trim panel needed some attention.

After finishing the rear of the interior.

Engine, engine bay & gearbox:

New alloy sump and cleaned engine... this has cost days of hard labour.

Polished valve cover en painted manifold.

Some art work to hold the petrol filter nice in place.

Sump ventilation system had to be modified for the alloy sump.

Even the original bolts were polished and reused.

New crank shaft seal in place.

A complete new clutch installed and ready.

Gearbox cleaned ...

... and painted.

Sparkplug wiring sorted out.

Lots of masking tape to prepare painting of the engine.

Looks as new again!! Great!

Close up of the painted engine.

Engine & gearbox bolted together.

Other side.... impressive or not!?

Containers for brake & clutch fluid could use some attention.

Everything sorted out including voltage regulator and air horn.

Brake booster before ..

.. and after treatment by Dr. Thomas.

Brake booster neatly in place.

Wiper engine cleaned up.....

.... and installed again.

Fan wasn't too bad....

... but I know Thomas.

Radiator drying....

... before installation in engine bay.

New heater hose at rear of engine.

And new hose for sump ventilation.

29.02.2008 : The Wedding

Installation of engine and gearbox proved to be a real challenge that deserves its own place on this page. Due to the new Abarth sump the unit could not be slotted in the engine bay. The side units of the sump and also the valve cover had to come off. Also part of the front suspension had to be taken of to install the unit. It took  Klaus and Thomas a few sweaty hours before the job was done.

About numbers

During restauration Thomas noted that on a number of parts a 3 digit number was stamped or written. Often this was 848 and in some cases another number. As 848 is the commission number of my Fiat we suspect that a lot of parts were stamped before assembly to define a bunch of parts dedicated to one specific car but the reason is not known. Normally you would expect that glove boxes and chrome strips are more or less universal parts fitting on any given Fiat 2300S Coupe. For the time being I have no idea why this was done.

Glove box.

Number 848 and 880 on different chrome strips.

And an original 848 again.

The vent window assembly.

Trim panel beside the rear seats.


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